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Liu Shengyi

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Prof. Shengyi Liu, a plant geneticist and pathologist working on oilseed crops, received his BSc degree in Genetics and Breeding from the Huazhong Agricultural University in 1986, his MS degree in1995 and PhD in1999 in Plant Pathology from the CAAS Graduate School. He was trained as a visiting scholar in USDA ARS Beltsville in 2001 and a senior postdoc scholar at UK Rothamsted Research during 2002-2003.
He is a professor and Lead Scientist for Plant Protection of Oilseed rape in the China Agricultural Research System and Chief Scientist for Genomics Research of Oilseed Crops in Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. He is guest/adjunct professor of Huazhong Agricultural University and Hubei University. He serves as a Standing Member of Chinese Society of Plant Pathology and vice chairman of Hubei Society of Plant Pathology, an Associate editor of The Crop Journal and members of editorial boards of the other several journals, and members in different committee or panels set up by government agencies or scientific communities for project review or award/prize evaluation. The projects being currently studied in his group focus on genomics related to important traits and polyploid genome evolution, and on disease resistance in oilseed rape including resistance breeding.
His research in collaboration with his colleagues has produced more than 150 referred journal papers including the recently published ones in Science, Nature Genetics, Nature Communications, and Genome Biology. His team has received several awards and honors, including National Award for the Advancement of Science and Technology.

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