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International Consortiumof Lipid Science and Health & Multi-lateral Collaboration Program was initiated at OCRI-CAAS

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On May 26, the International Consortium of Lipid Science and Health was initiated in Wuhan led by OCRI-CAAS. Multi-lateral Collaboration Program was signed among the outstanding universities and institutions in the field of lipid science and health from the United States, Australia, Spain, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Finland and China. The international consortium will facilitate cooperative research based on lipidomics methodology and application, lipids function and metabolism, and lipids nutrition and health.
Lipids play an irreplaceable role in human metabolism and health. Lipid nutrition and health has become a research hotspot worldwide. The Oil Crops Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (OCRI–CAAS)is a national center specialized for oil crops research and development. The research at OCRI-CAAS in the field of oil processing, lipid chemistry and nutrition has progressed well. The initiation of the international consortium sponsored by OCRI-CAAS will facilitate the cooperative research in concerned fields in the international communities.

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