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Multivariate adulteration detection for sesame oil

Date:2017/10/11   Hits:  

Liangxiao Zhang*, Xiaorong Huang, Peiwu Li*, Wei Na, Jun Jiang, Jin Mao, Xiaoxia Ding, Qi Zhang
Pub Year: 2017
Volume: 161
Page number: 147-150
Abstract :
Multivariate and untargeted adulterations are real cases of oil adulteration in practice. In this study, one-class support vector machine (OC-SVM) was used to build the model for detecting multivariate and untargeted adulterations of sesame oil. The predictive model was subsequently validated by an independent test set. The results indicated that the OC-SVM model could completely detect the adulterated oils. Moreover, oils adulterated with different levels of mixed edible oils were simulated by Monte Carlo method and employed to determine the lowest adulteration level of the predictive model. Compared with earlier studies, the OC-SVM model proposed for sesame oil in this study is more robust to detect untargeted and multivariate adulteration.

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