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    Research priorities
    We focus on the systematic researches of public, basic, forward-looking and industry-critical technology on oilseed products with safe, nutritional, economic and highly efficient, intelligent as well as diversified processing and utilization. Based on these studies, a series of innovative theories, technologies, products and integrated transformation mode for oilseed processing are proposed. The purpose is to provide systematic solutions for product safety, output efficiency, resource conservation, environment-friendly system of oilseed processing industry, and afford technological support for the safety of edible oil safety, sustainable development of oilseed products and income enhancement of farmers.
    Research orientation:
      1. Quality characteristics and function factor of oilseed products
      2. Efficiency preparation and separation purification of Lipids
      3. Nutrition metabolism of Lipid and creation of functional oilseed products
      4. Biological conversion and high-value utilization of oilseed products


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